Social Media Tips

Promote Your Participation at CEO Connection 6th Mid-Market Convention via Social Media

You’ve made an important decision to be part of the only event in the world focused on helping mid-market CEOs achieve greater personal and commercial success through organized peer support, road-tested ideas, access to critical resources, and customized opportunities. Now make the most of that decision by promoting your participation.

News They Can Use. Offer something unique and interesting to your online network related to your participation.

  • If you’re an attending CEO, what do you expect of your experience?
  • If you’re a speaker, what is the pressing mid-market or leadership issue you’re going to address?
  • If you’re a strategic partner, how does your product or service specifically support the mid-market?

Be a Giver. Without breaching any confidences, give your online network a hint about your experience: an idea you liked, a speaker/session you are looking forward to, an ‘a ha’ moment.

Always include one or more of the following in your posts along with handles specific to you/your company.


  • If/When possible, include a picture or video, which has been proven to increase viewership.
  • Think WIIFT (aka What’s In It For Them). Offer something of value in your post vs. seeking attention.
  • Use the prefered social media handle for anyone you are posting about to encourage them to respond, repost/tweet.
  • Use to create shortened URLs for anything and see the metrics for each link.

Below are some examples of posts that can be adapted for different social platforms. Customize as appropriate and remember…short and pithy always wins!

  • Looking forward to (attending/speaking at/sponsoring) #midmarket2018 #WhereTalkLeadsToAction @ceoconnection
  • Ready to effect change with fellow mid-market CEOs, SMEs, prominent academics, senior gov officials #WhereTalkLeadsToAction #midmarket2018 @ceoconnection
  • Looking forward to interactive discussion on (topic) #midmarket2018 #WhereTalkLeadsToAction @ceoconnection
  • Just collaborated with (CEO/company), (CEO/company) and (CEO/company) on plan to help more young people start their own companies…& succeed! #WhereTalkLeadsToAction #midmarket2018 @ceoconnection
  • Talking risk mitigation, pipeline protection, and cybersecurity in age of Big Data with (CEO/company) and (CEO/company)  #WhereTalkLeadsToAction #midmarket2018 @ceoconnection