The CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention is the premier annual gathering of mid-market CEOs. This convention, often referred to as the “Davos for the Mid-Market,” is focused exclusively on the needs of the mid-market CEOs and their companies. It brings together prominent leaders from diverse industries, along with select government officials, prominent academic figures, subject matter experts, and media personalities.

This is not just another executive conference … it is a place of action!  Held at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, this four-day event is designed to maximize value for mid-market CEOs. Every panel, presentation and workshop is interactive. Attendees co-create content along with our panelists with a focus on identifying actionable items for the mid-market to undertake collectively—with benefits for the larger mid-market community.

Sessions covering a range of critical mid-market issues and challenges are designed to lead to solutions, both at the company and industry level. CEOs in attendance will also have the opportunity to network with peers, play a part in promoting the interests of the mid-market, and make a social impact.

The success of the mid-market is also celebrated through the CEO Connection Mid-Market Awards which recognize exceptional leaders in the mid-market in four distinct categories (Company of the Year, CEO of the Year, Young Leader, and Social Impact Award). This year we will again honor the Most Influential Women of the Mid-Market. This list honors women who have the power to influence change, innovation and standards for excellence in mid-market companies.

The CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention is where the mid-market comes together to create a shared vision to present to the world.

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