Invitation Letter



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  • Finally…an Event That’s Worth Our Time




I have a lot on my plate as do you.

But I am taking the time to (attend/speaker at/sponsor) CEO Connection’s 6th Mid-Market Convention because its impact is proven. Offered by the only membership organization in the world focused on helping mid-market CEOs, the Convention brings together select subject matter experts, prominent academics, government officials, and peer leaders who have ‘been there, done that’ so we can strengthen our acumen and improve the strategic, organizational, operational, and governance processes of our companies.

Give we all know it can be pretty lonely at the top, this Convention is a place to let our guard down and feel supported as we work together on viable action plans for personal and professional growth. And the fact that the event is limited to only 200 CEOs ensures an interactive, customized experience and individual attention.

I’m not trying to sell you, but I am trying to tell you: CEO Connection’s 6th Mid-Market Convention is a not-to-be missed opportunity to gain the edge when competing for market share, talent, mentorship, and resources. Check out this year’s agenda here. And find out more about the 2018 CEO Connection Mid-Market Awards here.

As CEO Connection’s co-founder Kenneth Beck says: You do great things on your own. Together we can do even better.

See you in Philadelphia in September.