2016 Convention Speaker: Peter A. Gudmundsson

Peter A. GudmundssonPeter A. Gudmundsson, 51, is the President & CEO of RecruitMilitary, the leading veteran hiring solutions company in the nation. RecruitMilitary helps organizations excel by leveraging the talent of our nation’s finest people, our veterans. Most of Mr. Gudmundsson’s career has been dedicated to leadership in media, education, and intellectual property intensive businesses. A former U.S. Marine field artillery and intelligence officer, Mr. Gudmundsson is a graduate of Harvard Business School (MBA) and Brown University (BA).

Mr. Gudmundsson will be participating in the breakout session on Talent Management.

We invite you to join Peter and our other special guests for four days of exceptional programs, inspired discussions and networking with fellow mid-market CEOs at the 2016 CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention.

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