Convention Program – DRAFT

[agenda][day date=”September 18, 2016″]Sunday[/day]
[event time=”Afternoon” room=”Room TBA”]Pre-conference Wharton Executive Education Class[/event]
[event time=”7:00 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Welcome Reception[/event]
[day date=”September 19, 2016″]Monday[/day]
[event time=”7:30-8:30 am” room=”Room TBA”]Breakfast and Registration[/event]
[event time=”8:30-9:45 am” room=”Room TBA”]General Session[/event]
[event time=”9:45-10:00 am”]Break[/event]
[event time=”10:00-11:00 am” room=”Room TBA”]Breakout I (concurrent)
    A.    Workshop: Board Management: CEO’s Responsibilities in Managing the Board
    B.    Workshop: Strategic Planning for Mid-Market Companies Battling Giants
    C.    Presentation: Access to Capital for the Mid-Market[/event]
[event time=”11:00-12:00 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Breakout II (concurrent)
    A.    Panel: Emerging Markets
    B.    Workshop: Organizational Alignment
    C.    Presentation: Overseas Travel Security[/event]
[lunch time=”12:00-1:00 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Lunch[/lunch]
[event time=”1:00—2:30 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Breakout III (concurrent)
    A.    1:00-2:30 | Panel: Talent Management
    B.    1:00-2:30 | Panel: Not for Women Only
    C1.  1:00-1:50 | Presentation: Tax Policy Updates
    C2.  2:00-2:30 | Presentation: Merging Operations Following an Acquisition[/event]
[event time=”2:30—3:00 pm”]Break[/event]
[event time=”3:00-4:30 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Breakout IV (concurrent)
    A.    3:00-4:30 | Panel: Innovation, the Mid-Market Key to Success
    B.    3:00-4:30 | Panel: Diversity: A Key to Mid-Market Growth
    C1.  3:00-3:50 | Presentation: Onboarding New Leadership Teams in a Merger or Acquisition
    C2.  4:00-4:30 | Presentation: Investor Management 101[/event]
[event time=”4:30-4:45 pm”]Break[/event]
[event time=”4:45-5:30 pm” room=”Room TBA”]General Session[/event]
[event time=”5:30-7:00 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Board Connection Private Reception (prior registration only)
Networking for CEOs looking for board seats and companies looking for board members [/event]
[event time=”7:00 pm” room=”Penne Restaurant”]Connections, Cocktails and Dinner[/event]
[day date=”September 20, 2016″]Tuesday[/day]
[event time=”7:30-9:00 am” room=”Room TBA”]Breakfast[/event]
[event time=”9:00-10:00 am” room=”Room TBA”]General Session[/event]
[event time=”10:00-10:30 am”]Break[/event]
[event time=”10:30-12:00 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Breakout I (concurrent)
    A.    10:30-12:00 | Panel: Public Private Partnerships
    B.    10:30-12:00 | Workshop: Personal Branding: Managing Your Own Brand
    C1.  10:30-11:20 | Presentation: Building a Winning BRAVE Culture
    C2.  11:30-12:00 | Presentation: Dealing with Big Data to Build Competitive Advantage
[lunch time=”12:00-1:00 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Lunch[/lunch]
[event time=”1:00-2:30 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Breakout II (concurrent)
    A.    1:00-2:30 | Panel: Cyber-Security and Protecting Your Trade Secrets
    B.    1:00-2:30 | Panel: Social Impact
    C.    1:00-2:30 | Presentation: Competitive Advantage Through Customer Centricity
[event time=”2:30-3:00 pm”]Break[/event]
[event time=”3:00-4:30 pm” room=”Room TBA”]Breakout III (concurrent)
    A.    Panel: Education to Create Tomorrow’s Workforce
    B.    Panel: Healthcare and the Mid-Market
    C1.  3:00-3:50 | Presentation: Best Practices in Risk Management
    C2.  4:00-4:30 | Presentation: From Selling to Marketing to Engaging with Consumers and Customer[/event]
[event time=”4:30-4:45 pm”]Break[/event]
[event time=”4:45-5:30 pm” room=”Room TBA”]General Session[/event]
[event time=”7:00 pm” room=”Room TBA”]CEO Connection Mid-Market Awards Dinner
[day date=”September 21, 2016″]Wednesday[/day]
[event time=”9:00-10:30 am” room=”Room TBA”]Business Plan Showcase
Connecting mid-market CEOs and companies who want to invest in innovation with innovative entrepreneurs looking for capital.[/event]

Note*: Daily programs subject to change.

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