Mid-Market Definition

The CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention is the premier annual gathering of mid-market CEOs. The event brings together prominent leaders from diverse industries, along with select government officials, prominent academic figures, subject matter experts and media personalities for a three-day program designed to benefit their companies, the mid-market and the greater society.The world needs pragmatic, achievable solutions that take the long-term view. We need sustainable solutions that can balance the needs of the corporate world, the public today and the society of the future.

The leaders of the mid-market are uniquely qualified to craft these solutions. Collectively they lead organizations that account for over $10 trillion of the $30 trillion in gross receipts in the United States and 30 million jobs.

Mid-market CEOs know how to lead complex organizations and creatively use the resources to which they have access. They balance short and long-term needs to make their companies run efficiently. They have the understanding of scale that small businesses lack and are impacted by the conditions on the ground from which the Fortune 500 are often insulated.

This three-day event, held at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, is designed to maximize value for mid-market CEOs. Sessions covering a range of critical mid-market issues and challenges are designed to lead to solutions, both at the company level and the industry level. CEOs in attendance will also have the opportunity to network with peers and play a part in promoting the interests of the mid-market.

This is where the mid-market comes together to create a shared vision to present to the world.

What Is CEO Connection?

CEO Connection is the only membership organization in the world focused on mid-market CEOs and their companies. Mid-Market companies often find themselves too big to be small, and too small to be big. We leverage the power of the mid-market to assist your company in ways only possible though CEO Connection. We know you do great things on your own; together we can do even better.

Let CEO Connection take your company and career to the next level with:

  • People – Make connections & build relationships with the CEOs you need to know through personalized connections, and tailored events including Boot Camps, Workshops and the Mid-Market Convention.
  • Information – Access top leaders & gain expertise on the forefront of how the mid-market is changing
  • Resources – Take advantage of personal branding, executive coaching, career development support and more
  • Opportunities – Find a board seat with our Board Connection Service, invest in the future with the Angel Investor Network, or become a member of the Penn Club of New York

Mid-Market Definition

The mid-market is where innovation meets scale. Mid-market companies are essential to global economic success. While there are good sources of information about CEOs of large companies and small businesses; there is relatively little information about mid-size companies and their CEOs. As a consequence their issues and needs are underrepresented in policy and economic discussions. The mid-market needs a voice. CEO Connection is that voice.

Mid-Market by the Numbers

  • The mid-market is defined as companies that generate between US$100 million and US$3 billion per year in revenue.
  • There are nearly 20,000 US-based mid-market companies.
  • Collectively mid-market companies:
    • Account for the middle third of revenue generated by all US companies.
    • Employ over 30 million people.
    • Generate approximately US$10 trillion of the US$30 trillion of annual gross receipts in the United States.

Source: Statistics of U.S. Businesses, 2012, via http://www.census.gov/econ/smallbus.html#RcptSize