Convention Speaker: David Sneed

David Sneed

As the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Delta Private Jets, David oversees all operations, financial performance, procedures, goals, staffing, and corporate policies for the wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, Inc. He has held the highest position at Delta Private Jets since early 2015. His expertise in corporate strategy and business development has been driving new ways to provide customers with unique programs focused on seamless, on-demand travel solutions. As a current Captain on the Boeing 767, David brings a unique perspective from behind the pilot’s seat and the executive desk.

An experienced commercial airline pilot, David began his career at Delta Air Lines in 2001 as a pilot on the Boeing 737 aircraft and was later promoted to the training department as an instructor and evaluator on the Boeing 757 and 767 fleets. David served as General Manager of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Delta Air Lines where his responsibilities included the corporate planning process and material creation for the corporate flight plan, commercial plan and Board of Director meetings. Prior to joining Delta, David held various pilot and management positions with several other commercial airlines. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science from Middle Tennessee State University.

David will be participating in the breakout session on Strategic Planning for Mid-Market Companies Battling Giants.

We invite you to join David and our other special guests for four days of exceptional programs, inspired discussions and networking with fellow mid-market CEOs at the 2015 CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention.

One thought on “Convention Speaker: David Sneed

  1. David Sneed is not a 767 Capt at Delta and never was. He was a simulator instructor but never flew as a line capt. Furthermore, he is an incompetent leader who does a half ass job. He made it up the chain with connections and as soon as he set foot at DPJ, he fired an individual without any due diligence and not looking into any matters. He thought he could run the place like an airline as if he knows how to do that. This guys is not a leader and posses no true leadership qualities

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