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6th Annual Mid-Market Convention

September 23-25, 2018

 held on the campus of and in conjunction with

Attendance Limited to 200 CEOs

The most successful mid-market CEOs balance long-term and short-term needs as they continuously improve strategic, organizational, operational, and governance processes.

CEO Connection’s Mid-Market Convention is the only event focused on helping mid-market CEOs build and protect their infrastructure through organized peer support, road-tested ideas, access to critical resources, and customized opportunities.

Limited to just 200 CEOs, the Convention is a dynamic, interactive event where mid-market CEOs connect with each other — and selectively invited government officials, prominent academic figures, subject matter experts, and media personalities — to share best practices and develop immediately actionable plans that address issues blocking growth and success for them as leaders, their business, their industry, the mid-market, and society as a whole.

The annual Mid-Market Convention is the pinnacle event for CEO Connection, the only membership organization in the world focused on mid-market CEOs and their companies. CEO Connection’s mission is to help mid-market CEOs and their companies succeed by creating opportunities for them to connect with each other and with the people, information, and resources to which they might not otherwise have access. Part peer group, part co-op purchasing group, part trade association, CEO Connection is where innovation meets scale.

Joel BenkieThe CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention provides a great opportunity to connect with CEOs across a wide variety of industries to discuss pertinent business issues. The small group breakout sessions provide a great setting for discussion with facilitation by experts in their fields. As with all CEO Connection events, the opportunities to connect with other CEOs are unparalleled.

Joel Benkie, Retired President & COO, Ducommun Incorporated

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